About MICR Toner

We specialize in manufacturing Magnetic Ink Character Recognition aka MICR cartridges locally. We deliver top quality products at competitive prices Australia wide.

We subject all SecureRITE MICR toners to the industry’s most demanding testing and qualification standards to insure maximum reliability for these critical products.

We offer one of the broadest MICR toners in the industry, and our SecureRITE MICR toners offer the additional advantage of being qualified with a specific recommended component set, which eliminates the range of variability in signal strength performance.

At MICR Toner, we guarantee that our online store is 100% safe and secure. To put our user's at ease, we offer PayPal option which is the most secure way to do online shopping.

We pride ourselves in not only offering quality products, but offering them at the most competitive prices. We monitor our competitors regularly to ensure this is made feasible.

We would love to resolve any issue with any of our products, were just a phone call away: (02) 8203 3776

Australian Made